Sildenafil contraindications

Definite events are able to change the history and perception of people in this or that sphere. Something of this kind happened with Sildenafil. When it was invented it became a breakthrough invention not only in the sphere of medicine but in the society as well. Men who suffered from erectile dysfunction felt doomed before when they were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction(check also this). The invention of Sildenafil changed not only medicine but it changed their attitude to life. It gave all men hope for better life with pleasurable sexual communication. But still there are contraindications and they should be regarded when you start your Sildenafil treatment.

When Sildenafil us taken it contributes to release of nitric oxide therefore you should pay attention to other medications that you take. You should make sure not to take organic nitrates on a regular basis or occasionally. This is the reason why contraindications include intake of nitrates in all kinds of form.

The plasma levels of sildenafil can raise considerably after intake of Sildenafil therefore one should be very careful when taking the medicine. It is not so high when one day after intake passes. Still serious impairment can be observed. The plasma levels of sildenafil is up to 8 times higher than usually.

You should also be very attentive if you have hypersensitivity to some substances that enter the formula.

During the treatment course pay attention to the right dosage due to overdose. Apply to the doctor and follow his recommendations strictly not to have some complications. When you overdose then you should call medical urgency and they will deliver standard supportive procedures for you that are usually taken to drive out toxins from the organism.

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